Gymnastic Photography

by Don Becker

This web site contains some of my photographic images of womens gymnastics, both action photographs and posed studio photographs. I started photographing gymnasts at various local meets, and obtained some excellent photographs. But I soon decided that I wanted more control of the photographic environment and lighting, in order to create the images I saw in my mind, which would emphasize the beautiful style, grace, and tremendous athletic ability of these gymnasts. In the studio I can completely control the lighting and the background, resulting in what I feel are some very exciting and beautiful images; you can judge for yourself below.

Most of the images shown below are in color, but since I am now shooting totally with digital capture, the images can all be effectively converted to B&W as well, in Photoshop. For some images, I feel the B&W effect creates more of a fine art image.

Following the studio photographs are a number of action photographs of gymnasts taken during recent gymnastic meets.

March 12, 2010 - I have recently added a section of action photographs by the MarVaTeen Level 7 gymnasts, taken during the Capital Cup meet in March of 2010. For viewing, click on the link “MarVaTeen-2010” below at the end of the web pages. For questions about any of the images on this web site(action, studio, or meet photos), you can contact me directly at this web site (Don(at)








Gymnast/Leah #2

[Anna #1]


[Anna #2]

Gymnast/Anna #2





Now, below are eight action photographs that I took at recent area gymnastic meets. These beautiful and athletic young women have a wonderful dynamic look that defies gravity.

[Action #1]

[Action #3]

[Action #4]

[Action #3]

[Action #3]

[Action #3]

[Action #3]

Finally, a photograph of Dominique Dawes that I took while she was posing on a beam outside in front of her gym. You will recall that she was an Olympic Gold medal winner in gymnastics in 1996. I have a number of photographs of her from the many years she competed in local gymnastic meets, some of them of her as young as 11 years old.

[Dominique Dawes]

Dominique Dawes, taken in 1995

I hope that you have enjoyed my artistic gymnastic photographs. I also want to give credit to the many excellent Washington DC area gymnasts and their parents who have allowed me to photograph them, and to the private clubs where they learn their techniques and practice, including but not limited to: the MarVaTeens, the Rebounders, and Harford Gymnastics.

Thank you for visiting my web site, and I hope you continue on to the 2010 Capital Cup Gymnastic Meet Section which is next. I only have added photos of the Level 7 MarVaTeens gymnasts (45 photos), but have photos from a number of additional teams taken at the same meet. Just click on the appropriate link below to take you to those photos.

   [bullet]   MarVaTeens-2010

Also, I have also added two of the 2010-2011 Seniors photos from the Hills Angels team photos, which I took in late 2010. Seniors shown in the photos can contact me if they should need high quality prints.



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Thank you for visiting my web site on gymnastic photography, and please View my guestbook and/or leave a message, make a comment, or perhaps make a suggestion on other gymnasts or gymnastic meets that you think would be interesting for me to photograph.

All photographs Copyright © 2007-2010 Donald Becker

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